History of Our Martial Arts Organization

Recognition of the Filipino Fighting Art

WORLD SIKARAN BROTHERHOOD is an independent martial arts organization recognized by the Asian Karate Association (composed of Japan, Korea, China, and the Philippines) since November 6, 1966. The AKA also recognized Sikaran as an independent sovereign Filipino fighting art on the same date. Under the leadership of Grandmaster Meliton C. Geronimo, Supremo of Sikaran, this fighting art has flourished from its beginnings in Baras, Rizal to being practiced all over the world.

Passing of Sikaran Authority

In March 2015, the WORLD SIKARAN BROTHERHOOD held the “Passing of the Torch”, transferring the presidency and Sikaran authority from Supremo Meliton C. Geronimo to his son Pantas Meliton S. Geronimo, Jr. The celebration was attended by officials of Baras and other towns in Rizal, as well as the officials of the Rizal Provincial Government and other provinces. There were Provincial Officials from as far north as Baguio City to as far south as the Bicol Region.

Sikaran Representative